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Sustainability & GRI Courses
Schedule & Registration

Schedule & Registration

Below are our upcoming training courses. Please keep checking back for updates.

Open Enrollment Courses

The Open Enrollment Courses are instructor-led, in-person seminars covering the Global Reporting Initiative's sustainability reporting framework so it is comprehensible and applicable to any company or organization in attendance. Participants benefit from our trainers' hands-on experience with GRI and by sharing learning and experiences with other attendees.

Sustainability Reporting: GRI G4 Certified (Two-day)

BrownFlynn conducts this two-day program that provides you with a comprehensive foundation in the elements of a GRI report, the GRI reporting process, and in-depth exploration of key reporting activities. The program will equip you with the necessary knowledge to start your company’s first GRI report or transform your existing CSR report into the GRI format, as well as outline the key changes between the G3.1 and G4 reporting guidelines.

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Course Syllabus

The GRI G4 Snapshot (Half-day)

This four-hour session from 8:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. provides an overview of the GRI process, including the business case for sustainability reporting and tools to help navigate the GRI G4 guidelines. This course will explore ways to utilize the G4 framework regardless of whether your company intends to publish a GRI report. $600 standard registration, discounts may apply.

Who should attend?

  • Executive leadership looking to understand how G4 can enhance or help develop a corporate responsibility strategy
  • Those who are considering GRI reporting but need more exposure to the process
  • Those who have already committed to reporting or have already reported, but want more focus

What will you learn?

  • How your organization can benefit from producing a sustainability report
  • What preparation is needed to make the best use of the GRI framework
  • GRI tools for narrowing down your report topics and report data
  • Requirements for a GRI report at different "in accordance" levels
Check Back for Dates!

Note: The two-day course is GRI-Certified, but the Snapshot is not. Participants who complete the full two days will receive a certificate of attendance from GRI and will be eligible to take the GRI G4 Exam.


Open Enrollment Webinars

BrownFlynn offers a variety of webinars on important topics related to sustainability, corporate responsibility, reporting and the Global Reporting Initiative.

G4 Overview Course*

BrownFlynn's G4 Overview Course is a 1-1/2 hour webinar on-demand that provides the key attributes of G4 for those who are already familiar with the GRI G3 & G3.1 frameworks.

This webinar is NOT a GRI-Certified course; it is a custom, BrownFlynn webinar that tracks the key changes from G3 to G4 for current GRI reporters. The course was originally designed to bring BrownFlynn clients and consultants up to speed on the technical revisions that will impact the way U.S. GRI reporters will need to approach the reporting process. BrownFlynn will offer GRI-certified G4 content during our 2-day GRI Process courses and during our GRI-Certified Bridging Modules later this summer.

The G4 Overview Course contains:

  • Overview of the G4 changes by topic
  • Synthesis of what's brand new and required
  • G4 format differences for usability

Those who purchase this webinar will receive a 90-day log-in for viewing the webinar and a PDF version of the slides for use in your own presentation materials.

BrownFlynn clients: You get this webinar for free! Contact Marissa Beechuk for log-in details.

Open Enrollment:
G4 Overview Course On Demand Online-only Purchase >

*Please note, this is NOT a GRI-certified course. This is a custom BrownFlynn webinar designed to synthesize the key changes from G3.1 to G4, originally designed to bring BrownFlynn clients and consultants up to speed on how G4 will change the way U.S. GRI reporters will need to approach the reporting process.



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